Essentials for Fall-Winter (Special)

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Sorry for the lack of posting, lately I've been so tired, I've been sleeping almost all day : /.
But now I'm fine, and I'm here with a special.

Every year fashion industry creates new themes and new must-haves, but in their collections you can see the important garments, the ones that are the essentials, and will be used every collection.
I'm gonna tell you what are those essentials for Fall-Winter,

I'm gonna start with the coats, the most important piece,

Trench Coat,
This coat is perfect for raining days, it's not warm, but it will protect your outfit from getting wet.  These kind of jackets are always a must-have every Fall-Winter, try to buy it in beige or black *

This coat you want it big and black, so you can wear has many clothes has you want underneath it ;p.
Why in black? Because a black over sized jacket is always a must-have, and the black color is gonna attract more the warmth from the sun rays.

(Synthetic) Fur Coat,
 Let's be honest (synthetic) fur coats are the warmest. You just need one coat of these.
Don't buy fur coats with real fur :(

Short Jacket,
Most leather jackets are warm.
The ones that have wool lined inside are perfect for winter.

 Capes are perfect for cold cold days. You just need a cape, a turtleneck top, corduroy pants and a pair of boots, and you're all done ;).

Now for the clothing garments, such has dresses, tops, pants ...

 For summer the must-have dress is a little white dress, because white expels the sun rays; for winter the must-have dress is a black dress.
You want a dress with long sleeves, it will be perfect for a day time look, and night time look.

Turtleneck Top,

A turtleneck is an essential and a must-have every Fall-Winter.

Warm Pants,
You can find a lot of pants made with warm fabrics, but there is only one, for me, that is an essential in your wardrobe,
Corduroy Pants, are perfect for winter, they are warm, and that's it. ;p

Now for the shoes, you need boots, they're an essential and a must-have.
You can find high heeled boots and flat boots, personally I prefer high heeled boots.

Warm Accessories, are a essential and a must have,
Look for long scarfs, made with wool or cotton fabric.

Look for gloves that are lined with cotton or wool inside.

So, for me, these are the essentials for a warm and cozy wardrobe for Fall-Winter :)
There are a lot of must-haves, but essentials are the most important, don't forget that ;)

Tomorrow, I hope, I'll start with the OOTDs ;p

Thank you so much for reading *
Have a fashionable day
IT *


  1. want them all!!!!

    I'm back! new post on my blog!!
    have a great Sunday!!


  2. I love the colour of the gloves:) and I definitely agree with you! there are always some pieces that will look fashionably every year:)

    An Interesting Distraction

  3. I love short jackets! And heeled boots are on my wish list <33


  4. i like this post...i agree with you...i don't like fur..i like the top and boots

  5. Such fantastic staple items for fall/winter. Simple, yet chic and versatile!! Love all of your choices!!


  6. I agree!! I'm dying for a nice trench coat!!

  7. Pretty post!! LOVE U INES!!!!!!! :)

  8. i agree with your essentials list! xoxo

  9. so many amazing pieces love it!



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