Make-up Essentials (Special)

Hello Make-up Lovers :D
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So I'm back from my trip, and I loved it *
I don't have a lot of photos to show you, and I still need to remember where I putted the camera :(

Today I have a special for you, 
what are the must-haves, essentials, what you need to have - for Make-up
So I thought and thought what are the basics for a good and clean look, so here they're,

First of all you will need a good primer, face and eyes primer.
The ones I use are from Sephora and Too Faced.
Why do you need to prime your face and eyes?
The primers will make your make-up last longer, controlling the oil in your skin, especially in the eyes.

You'll need a good foundation, that is parabens free, so that means don't buy a cheap one, liquid or powder, because it can damage your skin. It's hard to choose a good foundation, you need to make a little search before buying any. Unfortunately the good ones are a little expensive, but it's a good investment :)
I use two types of foundation, powder in the summer and liquid in the winter.
The ones I use are from bareMinerals and Chanel,

Finish Powder
This one it's not a big must-have, but it's a essential, if you don't want to see the liquid foundation melting.
I use two, one it's cheaper than the other. 
I use the HD Finishing powder by Make-up Forever, it's good but it will make your foundation a little lighter, if you apply it to much and it's a little expensive : /
But you can find a good one, parabens free, by bareMinerals,

If you never used foundation, and you want to start now, I advise you to start with powder foundation, because it more easier and quicker to apply.
When you're starting with make-up you want a easy way to apply it, so the powder is the easiest.
bareMinerals have a box for newbies, that is cheap and great. When I started with make-up, I started using that box, and it was very helpful.
The boxes come with a tutorial CD, 3 brushes, a face primer and the powders that you'll need.)


Let's start with the eyeshadow.
At the beginning, you want to start with the neutral ones, and maybe with just a pop of color. 
It's more cheaper to buy a set of eyeshadows than separated eyeshadows.
You can find a lot of brands with good eyeshadows, but again they're not cheap.
Before I start with brands, I'll start with the colors. 
You'll need a cream color, a light brown, a dark brown and a black eyeshadow.
So what you want is a set with these colors and maybe others, so when you feel safe to play more with colors. The brand that has all in one is Too Faced.
They do good sets with good eyeshadows, they have one called Naked Eye and other called Neutral Eye. These two sets have perfect eyeshadows to make a beautiful look, but you need to be careful they're a little powdery, meaning you need to apply them carefully with a brush, and not with the fingers.
I know a lot of people that applies their eyeshadows with the fingers, but what they don't know is, they're damaging the eyeshadow. The oils you've in your fingers will ruined the eyeshadow, and will make them dry. So NO fingers or water! ;p

A good mascara is needed to, but you don't want to buy the most expensive one in the market, you don't need it. Mascaras just lasts 5 months or until it's dry.
So you just need to buy a good one that doesn't cost a fortune. You can find good mascaras by Maybelline & L'Oreal, but I never used them, so I can't say they're good :)
The ones I used and use, are from Benefit and Chanel, ya I use the expensive ones. x)
And I'm hearing good things about Lancôme's new mascara, Hypnôse Doll Lashes, maybe I'm gonna try this one :p.

 Now a must-have is a good liquid or gel eye liner.
If you want a dramatic look, you'll need a black liquid / gel eye liner.
If you want a soft look, you'll need a brown liquid / gel eye liner.
You have a lot of brands that do good liquid / gel eye liners, I advice you to purchase a good one, from a good brand, and preserve it in a dark place, don't let it open, or else it's gonna dry. : /
The one that I use it's a gel eye liner from MAC.

Now for blushes you don't need a expensive one, just a good one.
You don't need 101 blushes or every color in the rainbow, you just need two little blushes, a rosy one and a peachy one, just these two, and after a while you can get every color, but when you're starting you just need these two :)

For lipstick, I admit, I love to own every color from the rainbow, I still don't have but I'm trying x).
For lipstick, again, you just need two colors, a neutral peachy and a rosy, and for a sexy look you'll need a red lipstick. 
And for a lipstick I advice you to buy a good one.
You have a lot of brands that do good lipsticks that aren't very expensive, one of them is MAC.
I love MAC lipsticks, they have a sweet fragrance, and I adore it *

If you want your lipstick to last a long time, I advice you to perverse them in the refrigerator. :) 

So here they are, the essential for a Make-up Basics :)
You don't need a lot of stuff for a clean soft look. *
And never apply make-up with your hands, use brushes :)

Thank you so much for reading, I'll love to read all your comments and opinions ;)
Have a beautiful day *
IT *


  1. Hi Ines,

    Great practical post! I've sent you a message on your business mail add.




  2. Thanks for all these tips! My mascara is the Helena Rubinstein one and it's amazing! I love it, it's quite expensive but worth it!!


  3. Excelente post babe!!! ;)


  4. i 100% agree, i've had the too faced primer forever, idk how others live without it

    xo sierra

  5. great post, thanks for these, sure to follow your tips!

  6. Esses primers são mega dica! =)

  7. amazing post! thank you!!! sooo cool!!!

    xoxo from rome

  8. thanks for sharing! i love lots of things of MAC....esp eyeliners and eyeshadows! just so longlasting and not pricey at all.

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  9. Very informative post. I like reading what you use. I hadn't heard of the new Lancome mascara and might try that now. I use Laura Mercier primer, but will now try Sephora's to compare! Thank you for the tips!
    Dressology HQ

  10. I've been lusting over a trench like that since last autumn, and I'm STILL on the hunt! Great picks!



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