Chanel Fall Winter 2011 2012 collection

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So now I'm gonna talk about one of my favourite brands, Chanel. I love everything from them!

This Fall Winter collection was really dark, not just beacuse of the outifts, the stage where the show took place gave a semi apocalliptic feeling. We can still see some colors, such has turquoises, reds and some blues, but the main colours used in this collection were the neutral ones (black, grey and white).

The suits had a really masculine cut, but with gorgeous feminine touches.

One thing that I've been noticing, the lace has come back in a strong way. Chanel used lace in acessories (gloves) and some outfits (I'll do a preview of the must-haves for Fall Winter 11/12).

One type of outfit that was masculine with gorgeous feminine finishes, like the suits, was the jumpsuits. They looked like mechanic woman, but I loved the final touches, with lace, fur, velvet fabric, ...  Absolutely gorgeous!

About the acessories:
In the shoes area, we see classic pumps, gorgeous feminine boots and masculine boots.

And I loved, LOVED the clutchs and purses, I want to have them all. (I'm a really a Chanel bags, purses, clutchs lover, so I never can say bad things about them xP)
I just want to share pictures with you guys, so you can fall in lover for them , like I did!

Overall, this collection had a harmonie between masculine and feminine cuts. I didn't like the masculine shoes that much, but I liked the feminine ones. 
It's a goegeous collection ;p!

Tomorrow I'm gonna talk about Christian Dior's Fall Winter 2011-2012, and I really loved that collection :P, so don't miss.



  1. I'm a BIG Chanel lover myself, so thanks for posting this lovely collection. It was masculine,dark & mysterious but with classic Chanel mixed in. :)

  2. Great post!


  3. amazing as ever!!




  4. Thank you!! I´m following X

  5. Oh i wish chanel wouldnt do this to me, its all beautiful.

    Helen, X

  6. thank you for entering the giveaway!!! i love your blog, the pictures are great!!!!!!!

  7. loves Chanel, very cool collection!!!

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