Bottega Veneta Fall Winter 2011-2012 Collection

Hi guys, today is a double post :p

So Today I'm gonna share with you my thoughts about Bottega Vente collection for the next season.
In this collection we see a lot of H cuts in most of the dresses and jackets.
It's a classic and elegant cut, in my opinion.
And you can see in this collection really colorful outfits, they instead of going for a darker / neutral cromatic pallete, they went for a more colorful & bright cromatic pallete, I thought I was watching a Spring Summer collection, so I loved it!

That cromatic pallete is based on warm colours, such has red, oranges, pink, yellows and browns, but we still can see some neutrals (black, greys and white) and cold colours (greens, blues, ...).
In the more "darker" dresses we see some gorgeous lace and sheer details, we can see those lace details in some shoes to.

Now about the acessories, I loved the jewerly: the bracelets, the rings and the earings. And I loved, loved the shoes, really classic and elegant, but for a rainy day they'll be a bad idea, but for a romantic dinner or a romantic date, they are perfect! 
I didn't like the bags, but I loved the clutchs.
In general, it was a classic collection, with some 60's-70's vibe on it. I had a vivid cromatic pallete, almost confused me, because I didn't knew if I was watching a S/S or a F/W collection, but I loved it!
The shoes aren't really for a rainy or a cold day, they're just for special occasions indoors. 

Tomorrow I'm gonna talk about Chanel's Fall Winter collection for 2011-2012, so don't miss it ;p



  1. Love the collection!!

    Check it out sometime dear:)


  2. i really loved this collection...i thought the colors were amazing!



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