Balmain Fall Winter 2011-2012

Balmain is one of my favourite brand, because it has a really rebellious - rocker feeling and I love that!
In this collection, for me, it had a little classical cut in some outfits, like in the suits.
In this collection we see a lot of metalic fabrics and crystal finishes, they're gorgeous and just made me want everything. 
I loved the crystals and fur finishes on the jackets and dresses.
In almost every Balmain collection we see pants with metalic fabric (gold, silver,...), but in this collection we can see one pair that has, like a optical illusion on them, they look black, but when they catch light, they have a rainbow metalic shine on them.
We see a lot of dark colours in the collection in must off Fall Winter collections, but we can still find one light colour in this collection, blue (white is a light colour to, but we see a lot of that colour in almost every Fall Winter collections), in a complete suit and in a blazer.
 This collection had a 70's vibe.
About the shoes, I didn't like them, they were to simple. :/

But in general, I loved the outfits and finishes. :P

Tomorrow I'm gonna talk about Betsey Jonhson Fall Winter 2011-2012 collection, what I liked and what I didn't.


  1. Balmain has some beautiful rich patterns and the fabrics look so luxe. Great photos!
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  2. Gorgeous collection. Love your blog.

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    Karoline Kalvo


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