Betsey Jonhson Fall Winter 2011-2012

I love her collections! and her fashion shows!
She's not scared to mix patterns and colours, and the results are gorgeous and beautiful!
In this collection the colour Red, or a warm colour (such has yellow, orange, pink, brown ...), they were a main colour in almost every outfit and acessory.
I absolutly loved the leopard and roses patterns, they gave other happiness to the collection.
And we can see some sheer body suits that were paired ,underneath, with: dresses; jackets; shorts; ...
Unfortunately I don't have close ups of the acessories and the shoes, but I loved them. 
The necklaces have some lolita-gothic feeling on them, really gorgoeus ( and they appeared in a lot of colours, like: purple; black; red; yellow; ...). The shoes that appeared it had the same format, but with different colours, the same colours that the necklaces had.
And the wigs added a fun side to this collection, I loved them.

Now about the clothes that were wore by "normal" people., I didn't liked it, but I didn't hate.
I don't know why, maybe because of the cromatic pallete that it was used, they were really neo colours., such has neo pink; neo blue; neo red; neo yellow; ... 
Probably it's because, I'm not a really big fan of neo colours, well I like to pair them with dark colours, but the last clothes had neo with neo or neo with black, but still I didn't like some colours, don't know why. 
But LOVED the shoes and those knitted shirt and t-shirt with Marylin Monroe's face (just the eyes, the beauty mark and the red or pink lips). :P

It was a fun collection to watch, and it had Betsey Jonhson's mark on it :P

Tomorrow I'm gonna "review" Bottega Veneta's Fall Winter 2011-2012 collection, so don't miss ;p



  1. great collection, fun and playful!!
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  2. Loved the collection. :)

    You have a really nice blog. Maybe you want to follow each other?


  3. My friend and I went shopping a few weeks back and she scored some amazing pieces from the BJ store in Boca Raton, Florida. I was actually impressed with the selection and versatility. BJ has come a long way from only making pieces for drag queens and teenage girls!


  4. Thanks for following. I followed you back :)

  5. looks like such a fun collection :)

    x Camilla



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