Alexander McQueen Fall Winter 2011-2012 Collection

So latelly I've been watching the F/W 11-12 fashion shows, for a work I'm doing for college.

I'm gonna talk about the Fashion Shows I liked, and at the end I'm gonna do a little preview of the must haves for F/W. 
To start I'm gonna talk about Alexander McQueen Collection for F/W:

In the collection we can see a lot outfits with fur as a final touch. The fur ,with or without some contrasts, had the same colour as the outfit (Ex. white outfit = white fur).

The main colours we can see in the collection are: white, black and grey. But we still see some colors such has purples; beiges and coloured patterns. 

The acessories and the final crochet touches are gorgeous! They've gorgeous details and finishes.
And I absolutely loved the shoes (boots & sandals), specially the knee high boots.

 Tomorrow I'm gonna talk about Balmains Fall Winter 2011-2012 Collection.



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