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Hello my lovely readers!
How have you been?

Lately I've been soo busy, not only with my final project but with my Driver license classes.
I'm gonna learn how to drive a car, I'm soo excited!!

This was my OOTD today.

Today I decided to wear my new High waisted skirt and crop top, from H&M.
I was lucky to find my size of this skirt, not only it was the last one there it was on a lovely sale, so instead of paying 25€ I only payed 10€ for it :P. I wanted this skirt and the crop top with the same pattern, but the top was out of stock... : /, I would be nice to have both to complete the look. But oh well, maybe one day I'll find it :P

With the crop top and skirt, I decided to wear my newest JCshoes, the Scullys without the strap, and a pair of see through Calzedonia black socks.

I'll do a shoe review about the Scully Platforms, so stay tuned for that !!!

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Thank you soo much for reading and for the support! 

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Have a lovely day!
See you in my next post ;)



  1. Helloo! I love reading your posts, just followed you :) Love this outfit! x


  2. good luck with your driving lessons !

  3. lovely...

  4. wonderful look!

    tasha xx

  5. You look gorgeous! All the best with driving :)

    Jenna || Jennafifi.co.uk


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