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Hello my lovely readers!
It has been a while since my last post, sorry :(

Computer problems, not finding a computer that can read camera cards and being sick.
Summarizing it was an adventurer Easter x)

Today and the next few days I'll post reviews of products and brands :P

Today I'm gonna review Chatty Feet Socks, they have the most adorable and funny socks I haver ever seen. They have socks for men, women and kids with the same design.

The sock I'll be reviewing are the MIKO socks.
A lovely pink, grey with blue skulls, very lovely punk. :P

- I find the socks very cute and adorable, it will make a look shine
- They are perfect to collect and to give to a friend or family
- Very soft, comfortable 
- The print is very good, it is sewn into the sock, so it will last a long time :P
The socks will look good with opened or transparent shoes :P

- The sock fabric is very fragile, you need to be careful how you wash it and how you wear it.

My final verdict is....

8,5 / 10

I hope they do high knee socks and tights with those patterns and faces :P

You can check their socks in the link below :D

Now my OOTD 

Love this sweater by ZARA, bought it cause it had a lovely discount on it :P
And the skirt is also by ZARA, it was love at first sight, I need it to have it!!

Beauty Walks

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  1. lovely outfit, love the bell sleeves on the jumper. and those socks, super cute.
    xx http://1finedai.blogspot.com/

  2. the socks are so cute, love your outfit!


  3. aww I love the outfit! It's something that I would wear like now :)

    SHE WALKS Blog

  4. Their selection of socks is insane, so amazing and fun, I love it!
    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

  5. I like the outfit.


  6. Like the leather mini skirt, so cool and the design of the sleeves of of the top is cool, a little casual but stylish.Nice outfit.


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