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Hello my lovely readers!
How have you been?

So I'm finally cured!!
I've been sick this past week, ONE WEEK SICK! 
I don't know how I got that strange virus, at the beginning the virus attacked my stomach, then passed to my back - I couldn't stand those back pains, they were to much for me I couldn't move or do anything, and finally came back to my stomach and like on the back, the pain was unbearable, it felt like someone was stabbing me or punching me on the stomach... Just horrible :(
But now I'm feeling OK, my stomach still hurts a little bit not too much. 
The worse is I think I passed the virus to my mom... yikes :(

Let's talk about other things like, SPRING!! :D
Oh today the day was wonderful, so full of bugs and pollen, just wonderful for my allergies... yey XD
But it was a beautiful day, I walked a little bit with my boyfriend, we ate some bugs while we were walking (they love to go to your mouth/eyes/nose and being annoying), and saw some frogs in a lake ( I almost fell on the lake, lol ).

I decided to do more of a soft look with lovely colors and no black, cause I love to wear black with EVERYTHING :P.

I bought this sweater last Spring on Mango, I think it was my last piece of clothing I bought from that brand. I haven't been paying much attention to Mango latest collections, ... I don't dislike Mango, is not that, I just stopped. xD
But I really like the sweater, is soft and comfy, perfect for the Spring weather :)

I still didn't shop for the newest Spring collections, probably I'll do some in May... 
I've my eye on a new pair of Jeffrey Campbell I've found, and I need to catch before they *PUFF* hehehe :P

Again sorry for the lack of posts this week : (


Thank you soo much for reading and for the support! 

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Have a lovely day!
See you in my next post ;)

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  1. Love it you hat

  2. Love the orange color and your sweater too! Such a cute outfit for spring!

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