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Hello my lovely readers!
How have you been?

This past week I went to Lisbon (I'm from Portugal, if you don't know) to rest a little bit my head, to see if my art block disappears. I love going to Lisbon, to walk and to do some buying. <3

Will I was there I restocked some make-up goodies that were almost done:

I've been using this foundation in Petal, and it is too dark for my skin tone so I had to mix it with other lighter foundation. The Petal is almost done, so I decided to buy the IVORY "I'm pure 4 sure", and it looks to be the perfect color for me, at least at Sephora it looked to be. Let's see if I can finally see if this is the foundation of the Gods ;P. The foundation came with a try out primer, that I really want to buy!

I've never used Dior mascaras, this one is my first. I didn't noticed that was helping me lady on Sephora had putted this in my bag, just noticed it when I was paying, ya I'm an air head... and I didn't had the courage to return it : /... oh well, I will se if I like it or not, but I still prefer my BareMinerals mascara.

I've tried out the powder version of this product and I didn't liked it, it made my face WHITE! 
This one is a pressed powder, and it looked good on my face, at least it didn't made it whiter, I don't want to look like I saw a freaking ghost xD...

This was an extra. I love to have limited edition stuff, and when I saw this SLEEK palette I had to have it. Not only the eyeshadows are good quality it's affordable, it was only 10€ for 12 good eyeshadows, that look gorgeous!

Before I went to Sephora, I went to IKEA and honestly I hate to go there, I get soo bored and irritated. It has soo many people there, but sooooo many it's annoying. But I bought a baby lamp.

This lamp is soo adorable, and it has beautiful calming cold colors. They had other one with warmer colors, but I preferred this one.

NOW for the start of this "show", I've bought these babies online, in Au Revoir Cinderella online store, they only sell Jeffrey Campbell shoes.

When I saw them I fell in love, I need it to have them!
They are gorgeous and look good with everything, they give a little 90's vibe and I love that.
You even can take the strap off.
They are a little heavy, but I need to walk a little with them outside to give my final verdict.
If you want to read a review about them, just leave a comment :)

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  1. Love those shoes! I have a similar pair that were really heavy at first, but you get used to it :)


  2. I also had to restock my favorite make up items lately ! And I own that baby lamp, so cute <3

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  3. a great haul!
    following you via gfc and bloglovin now! hope you'll follow me, too!
    happy day!


  4. Very beautiful pallete Sleek :)

    I follow you beautiful blog. I hope you will follow me back and I will wait for you in my blog www.gabusiek.blogspot.com


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