Thierry Mugler Fall Winter 2011 2012 collection

Hello Fashion Lovers! <3

Today is Thierry Mugler day,
Let's start:

In this collection you can see a dark, a little bit demonic, wild and futuristic inspiration in the clothing, and you can see the gorgeous Lady Gaga.

The main colors in the collection are the neutral ones, but you can see some bright ones to, such has blues, greens and cremes.

The fabrics used were, leathers, latexs, sheers, plastic and furs. You can see gorgeous use of the sheer ones, that gave some sexiness to this beautiful wild collection.

This collection is so Gaga, I really loved the sexy cuts and fabrics, this isn't for everyone, but I loved every piece of it, and those shoes are LOVE. During the show you can see the strugle that some models had with the shoes, but they didn't fall :).

I'll love to read all your thoughts and comments about this collection ;)
Tomorrow it's gonna be Viktor & Rolf Fall Winter 11-12 collection, another gorgeous futuristic collection ;), so don't miss it.




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