Stella McCartney Fall Winter 2011-2012 collection

Hello Fashion Lovers :D

I'm back!! How have you been doing?

So today is Stella McCartney's Fall Winter collection for 11-12.
In this collection you can see beautiful classic and sexy feminine cuts in dresses, and some masculine in the complete suits with blazers that had karge shoulders.

You can see gorgeous use of: silks, velvets, sheers and geometrical prints, in the clothing.
The color scheme was very dark, with some gorgeous gold. In almost every F/W collections it was dark colors and metalics, and this one uses that scheme to. You can see gorgeous pieces with a, vivid and vibrant, gold color.
And, once again, you can see a lot of polka-dots. Polka-dots are, absolutely, a must-have for the next season.

In the make-up section, you can see a simple and clean look with, a soft blush, soft pink lips, soft bronzy eyeshadow and a gorgeous black cat eye line.

I'll love to read all your thoughts about this collection. ;)

And tomorrow I'll be talking about Thierry Mugler's F/W collection for 11-12, so don't miss <3



  1. I love the black drees that Anja Rubik is wearing in the pic ;;)


  2. Stella has such amazing designs!!

    Monique xx


  3. i love the collection the black lace dress is very nice

  4. I was already following you :) your blog is great! Love this collection aswell! xx


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