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Hello my lovely readers!
How are you today??

This weekend I was sick, I started feeling bad on Friday. 
On Thursday I forgot my jacket in the classroom, cause I thought I was able to have access to the room too work a little bit during lunch break, but that was denied without me knowing xD, and the teachers just arrived 2hrs later... I was stupid xD

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But I'm felling better now :)

So today I got inspired by my favorite style, grunge.

I love the grunge style, not only for the unique look and style is gives, but you can mix whatever your heart desires, for example: mix two different patterns, mix a hard-core look with a soft lovely/cute pattern, mix a sloppy cardigan with a elegant dress cute dress, etc...  
Grunge is what you want, in my opinion.

Sorry for being using the same Litas, I really like them and they look good with everything.

How was your weekend? Tell me everything 

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Have a lovely day!
See you in my next post ;)

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  1. Super cool pics :)
    Love it so much <3
    Nice outfit


  2. It's a very unique, mysterious look. I love the entire outfit it's very trendy ^__^
    Love your outfits!!!

    恵美より ♥


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