I've been a BAD blogger

Hello my lovely readers!
How have you been?

It has been a long long time, since my last blog post. But I needed the HIATUS, to recover my inspiration and love for fashion, and myself, but that is for other post.

I decided to take some photos of my OOTD.

So today I went, with my boyfriend, to the mall, looking for Pokémon White and Platinum, and for some other items, but the goal was to get those two games.

I tried to mix comfy and chic, cause the weather here is extremely cold and rainy...

I'm wearing a fur type sweater by H&M, a high waisted A line skirt by Zara, and Jeffrey Campbells HYATTs.

I really love these boots, but I'll review them later! <3

I didn't find the games for the 3DS :(. I'm trying too find old DS games to review or just play and share my fun or not with you x).

Again sorry for being a bad blogger, but I really needed to step some time aside from my blog and everything, now I'm 100% ready to come back!

I missed all of you!

Thank you soo much for ready!
Have a fashionable day!
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