Pink, pink everywhere

Hello my beautiful readers!
How are you?

I didn't post anything on Valentine's day, cause I did nothing special for that day, it was a normal and casual day for me and boyfriend, the times are for saving money, so I need to cut in somethings xP.

I really wanted to go to an italian restaurant, I love soo much italian food, I need to learn how to cook xD.

The OOTD I'm gonna post today was taken soon day ago, but the illustration took more time to do than expected, when I don't like something I always start all over again, it's still not perfect, but I'm trying to improve my art style and ways to color it. 

In this OOTD I decided to pair this over-sized sweater with a pair of bordeaux pants, with a lovely detail, by Zara.
I was really lucky to find a pair on the sales that fitted me, the only sizes they had were too small for me, size 32, I still can't believe how a size 34 fitted me...

Hat: ASOS. Sweater, pants, boots: ZARA. Bag: H&M

The hat, I love the hat, is by ASOS, was other find on their sales. I really love their online store, they have sales, and you can find gorgeous clothing ans accessories on the outlet section, I'm always there looking and searching for gorgeous and "unique" pieces of clothing or accessories.

I only noticed now, that bag isn't good with the outfit... just ignore the bag xD
Probably a red or bordeaux bag would look better...

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Have a fashionable day!
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  1. oh so much pink.love it!great shoes and hat.reminds me of 70's style.

  2. That's a lot of pink, but you make it look great!
    Ashley Udoh

  3. Such inspiration, gorgeous, love it!!!

  4. i really love this look !!! it's so lovely :)
    new post

  5. super duper cute!! LOVE all of these looks! xx


  6. Very nice outfit :)


    Coline !

  7. you look gorgeous
    loving the colors here and the ensemble
    love Vikee

  8. I love your hat is so beautiful I'm your new follower hope you can follow back!!


  9. I am mad about this total raspberry pink look! You look stunning, babe!

    -Lauren at adorn la femme

  10. Beautiful pink ensemble! Perhaps we could follow each other?

    xo Lulu

  11. What a cute outfit. love the monogram and the color you chose.
    xx from Miami,

    ** Style Id Net **
    ** Style Id Net on Twitter**


  12. Fantastic colour!! Love this monochrome look! Perfect style!!



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