Nail Rock - Nail Wraps (Review)

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I'm back, with a Review for you ;)

I was planning in this Review has a video for Youtube, with a how to and all that Jazz, but it was a total fail x).
The nail wraps from Nail Rock are perfect for people that likes to use fun nail designs, for an affordable price.
The application is a little bit tricky, you need to try a lot of times to do it right, but in the end you'll love to see on your nails, and they'll last a long time :D

Personally, I'm not a big fan of nail wraps, I still prefer the plain and "boring" nail polish.
But if you want to try a affordable and fun nail art, try them :)

Tell me your opinion about nail wraps, if you use them and if you like them :).

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  1. Hi! I haven't use them... but I don't know.. I think I still prefer the nail polish to :)
    Have a nice day!!


  2. Those look cool, I'll try them some time!


  3. I haven't try them yet but I really want to!!
    The seem pretty cool!
    Thank u for your comment on my blog, I am already following you!!
    Please follow me back if u like :)

  4. I bought my sister some of these wraps for her birthday but i've yet to see them on her nails! They look good, i want some now too! x

  5. Never used before, but great idea!
    Monia, Rome

  6. So stunning! Thanks for stopping by my blog:) Have a nice day!

    Fashion Cat

  7. i have tried one kind of nail wraps recently, it is very good,easily apply and look fantastic. it is the right products for holiday! It save your time to make it!


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