Yves Saint Laurent Fall Winter 2011-2012 collection

Hello Fashion Lovers :)

Today is YSL day ;), ready?

So this collection had inspirations on 60s-70s YSls collections, with the mixture between black and white.

In this collection you can see a lot of themes such as, masculine mixed with feminine, pureness, sexyness, elegance and chic.
Masculine with feminine, for the complete suits, that were finish with a feminine cut, with the strong patterns mixed with gorgeous silk fabrics.

The pureness had a little bit of sexy, for the use of sheer fabric in the clothing. I say pureness, for the use and abuse of the color white, in some clothing. I loved it, it really stayded true to YSL.
The super chic and feminine cut in the clothing, turned those pieces gorgeous, and to make them even more beautiful, you can see gorgeous gold touches, in some outfits. 
It reminded me of a gorgeous and sexy Goddess.

It's a sofisticated collection.

I'll love to read all your comments and thoughts about this collection.

Tomorrow it's gonna be Zac Posen F/W 11-12 collection day ;), so don't miss it.

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  1. Fantastic collection! Great blog! Follow you)Follow me?

  2. beautiful collection, my favourite is first,long white fress, so classy ;);)


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  4. I want all of them! This is pure eye candy!

  5. AMAZING pictures! Your blog is great! ♥

  6. love the silhouettes, stunning. His works are always so adorable.

  7. love the long white dress ♡

  8. Love your pictures. Great blog! Follow you now. If you have a minute, visit my blog and follow too..
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