Rachel Zoe Fall Winter 2011-2012 collection

Hello Fashion lovers! <3

When I first saw this collection I just thought, tis is so Rachel Zoe, I can see her wearing everything from this collection.
So if you know who is she, you know that her style is very Boho-chic, and in this collection you just see that style, and I absolutely love it!

In this collection you're gonna find: Maxi dresses, with sheer fabric; fur jackets and vests; jumpsuits; shirts and dresses with "shiny" final touches and asymmetrical cuts.
Unfortnately I don't have zoomed photos of the acessories, but they were gorgeous, loved them!
But my favorites are those gorgeous high heel shoes! <3
Overall, this is a wearable colection, with gorgeous details and gorgeous pieces! 

I'll love to read all your comments and thoughts about this collection ;)
Tomorrow I'll be talking about Rodarte Fall Winter 2011-2012 collection, so don't miss it



  1. cute collection! <3 love love love!
    good post1


  2. Amazing photos!
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  3. I like that Rachel plays on the whole bohemian look but sometimes wish she would mix it up and try something else. Nonetheless, the boho look is one of my favorite styles and this clothes is amazing and I am sure it will be affordable which is always nice.

    All the best, Angel


  4. follow you!! nice blog <3
    me encanto..


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  6. I love every stich of this collection!!
    Great post♥

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  7. I love the white dress and the last outfit! gorgeous!

    Regards from www.sayqueen.com


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