Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2011 2012 collection

This collection was a luxurious, elegant and sexy.

You can see gorgeous details in every clothing and acessory.
In the clothing they showed gorgeous garments with sheer and lace details, that gave a sexy vibe to most of the looks.

The jackets had a masculine cut with a feminine line or detail. I loved those big buttons that they had, you can see them in two colors, black and gold. 

They used the fur, leather and rubber fabric beautifully on the garments and acessories. You can see the fur on some of the jackets, complete or just detailed in some jackets, in some shoes and in those funny/gorgeous hats; the leather was used in a harmonie with the fur, and in those beautiful bags; and the rubber was used in some shoes, I absolutely loved them, they are a must have for the next season.

You can see, to, a gorgeous shoe print that was used in most of the garments, and a floral print. My favourite one, was the shoe print, cause I think it has a fun part to this edgy collection.
In this collection you can see some, sexual fantasy used has inspiration, because of some acessories. In some outfits you can see some bracelets handcuffs, they were gorgeous.

IN the make-up section, they used a simple & clean look, with almost no blush, a neutral lip and  light skin-tone eyeshadow, the only think that they did, that pops, was a gorgeous cat eye line, with a fun black line in the brow bone.

I want to read your opinions about this collection ;)

Tomorrow I'm gonna talk about Marc by Marc Jacobs collection and Marc Jacobs Fall Winter collection, so don't miss ;)



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