Christophe Decarnin left Balmain

Today is a sad day for me :(

Christophe Decarnis has left Balmain, maybe the causes are mixtures of high pressure and depression.
It's really sad to see what is happening to the Fashion World now days. First we had the terrible Alexander MacQueens suicide; then we had John Gallianos talky talky to much and now this.
This artists need love, they are genius but humans, to!!

More news about Christophe Decarnis had not been present at the Fashion House's in Fall Winter 2011 showing, an absense that, maybe, was attributed to a deep depresseion. Let's just hope he gets better, the fashion world needs him, and Galliano to! :(



  1. following. Hope you follow back :)

  2. hopefully he gets the help he needs- this industry can be tough on a lot of people from an outsiders' perspective, but you have to be tough, and remain true to yourself.

    xo Car

  3. hope Balmain stays as glamorous as it is now;)

  4. sad news, hope he gets better

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