Youtube videos?

So lately I've been thinking about, starting doing youtube videos. 
Now I've a good camera to film, but no tripod, and something to talk about... I think.

So my idea was to do a channel about make-up (but no make-up tutorials) some fashion tips and reviews with some research, off course.

So much to think...

OH, and I found this post, about shoes, in fashion blog. 
It's really helpful to know all the names of the shoes :P

The Shoes Appreciation Society


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  1. ohla!! :) I saw your post on dulce candy's website! Doy uo speak portuguese?? I speak spanish:) i like your blog! I looove fashion too:) anyway if you start a youtube channel i would follow you too^^! i have one too but ive uploaded like 1 video haha. and recently i opened my little shop on etsy!:D here it is is you wanna take a look http://www.etsy.com/people/ChucksSecret2007


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